With our expertise in blockchain strategy and advisory services, our blockchain consultants can help you validate your blockchain project idea and advise on the best way forward.

Blockchain technology as an emerging disruptor

From healthcare data management to supply chain tracking to borderless payments, blockchain technology will run the future. Having an immutable set of data shared within a network is a valuable thing.

This is the fundamental feature blockchain technology offers. Better auditability and security will shore up savings letting you focus on the things that matter. Don’t let the complexity of the project hold you back.
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Validate your business idea

Espeo’s team of blockchain consultants and developers will analyze your business requirements and can answer your pain points in order to understand if blockchain is the answer to your need.

Our team of blockchain consultants is ready to guide you in building blockchain technology into your business and to flesh out new ways to create value. We start with ideas and deliver solutions to your firm’s pressing challenges. From mapping out a blockchain business plan to designing a tokenomics model, discover how Espeo Blockchain can help.
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Is blockchain technology the right fit?
How can your business benefit from it?
How can blockchain support your key business goals?
How can blockchain be integrated into your existing business model, processes and systems?

Our recent projects

We start with an understanding of your specific aspirations, followed by a practical application of blockchain innovation.

Business assessment
Product design workshop and prototyping
Solution design and implementation

Our blockchain consulting process

Discuss your business idea with us to determine the technical specs, business use case, and ROI. In the end, you’ll get a straightforward pitch deck to take to investors, in-house development teams, or let our seasoned blockchain development specialists build the project for you.

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Let's start your blockchain journey by discussing your problem or idea. Our blockchain consultants will advise you if blockchain technology is the right fit and guide you into the next steps.

Understanding your business and goals is our priority.

We want to inform you but we also need to learn about your business to check if blockchain is actually the best fit. Furthermore, analysing all technical requirements will also help you to understand the capabilities and possible limitations of the blockchain technology.

Last and most exciting stage. Are you ready for the development?

In the last stage of the blockchain consulting we will prepare you for the development phase, where we actually can start putting everything into action.

Benefits from working with us

Over 10 years experience
Dedicated blockchain consultants and developer team
More than 25 blockchain projects successfully delivered